About Me.

Hi, I’m David. I’m a software & web dev that has moved away from corporate life to play with all that is nerdy.

Who I Am

Embarking on a transformative journey through the corporate maze for 12 years, I came to a profound realization: I had lost touch with my soul amidst the relentless 9-5 grind. Determined to reclaim my passion, I made a bold decision. I retreated to the serene embrace of my hometown nestled in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains. There, I embraced simplicity, opting for a Tiny house as my sanctuary. Today, I offer my expertise as a dedicated consultant, empowering individuals and businesses alike to optimize their web-based tools and software solutions.
David Reavis Digital Designs - Photoshop of Robot with Devices
Hobbies: Retro Games, Geek Culture, Gadgets, and Golf.

What You Should Know About Me

  • I graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Business Information Technology
  • I worked in Washington DC as a software developer, database administrator, and web developer.
  • After moving to Orlando, Florida, I entered the FinTech industry writing plugins for Forex software. Shortly after, I became an IT team leader for the software development team and liaison for the software sales department team.
  • In tandem with these jobs, I moonlit as a wedding and sports videographer and graphic designer.
  • After leaving Orlando, Florida, I moved back to my hometown in the Blue Ridge Mountains where I developed two web-based softwares with my father that provide my parents with their full-time income to this day.
  • Realizing that pursing your passion is the only way to love waking up in the morning to work, I began to consult with anyone attempting to improve their business or solo venture.
  • Today, I live in my Tiny House, play a ton of video games with my amazing girlfriend, and enjoy playing golf during downtimes.
David & his niece, Porter
(David & his niece, Porter – teaching her the ways)
David & his girlfriend, Kenzie
(David & his girlfriend, Kenzie – both waiting to leave a wedding to get back to playing Zelda)